Case Studies

Multi-Site Power Generation

Using TracRat, a multi-location coal fired utility company has saved over $8,000,000 in 12 years. These savings came from the connection that TracRat created amongst the physically separated plants and also the connection of those plants to the individual repair vendors. TracRat has made it seem like the different plants and vendors are all amongst the same complex, sharing one repairable asset inventory.

Large Pharmaceutical

A Midwest pharmaceutical company uses TracRat for it's motor management and has successfully reduced the downtime of the plant to virtually zero. It has also seen the annual Maintenance Repair and Operations spend for electric motor repair and/or replacement fall from over $750,000 per year to less than $100,000 per year.

Large Steel Manufacturer

Starting in 1995, an Equipment Management program was put into place for a large Midwest steel manufacturer. After putting the program in place, managing 20,000 electric motors for over 15 years, the plant has seen savings in excess of $19,500,000. This amount does not include any reduction in loss time or attrition due to the equipment management program. TracRat can make these types of savings available to your plant, today!