Integrators / Chain Suppliers

Today's world of outsourcing tasks that were formerly "in-house" has brought MRO specialists to the economic defense of manufacturers.  If your group falls under this category, TracRat® is your new best friend.  From utilities and steel mills to pharmaceuticals and automotive manufacturers, TracRat has become the tool of choice to effectively help integrators "cut the MRO spend" for a variety of warranty repairable assets.  Even with administrative control of current vendors, TracRat becomes the economic watchdog for tracking and reducing MRO expenses.

The maintenance crib is the least leaky of a manufacturer MRO expenses.  Repairing and tracking performance and inventory from the assets that run the plant is where the big savings dollars are found.  TracRat not only is the MRO defense budget tool, but can measure the spend and savings with valuable reports.  Turn to TracRat.  You won't be disappointed.

 Ease the management of your customers' MRO commodities by offering TracRat to them.