What does TracRat® do?


TracRat® tracks and stores data that clearly counts and defines a customer's production assets. And - provides a handle on "where's the spare?" TracRat compiles information gained through hands-on research of both production and spare assets. When the surveys are complete, the data is matched and cross-referenced. The resulting reports clearly spell our four benefits for your maintenance program - and your bottom line.

How many assets have appropriate spare back up?

  1. How many assets have no back up?
  2. How many assets have too much back up?
  3. How many spare assets were excessive and/or obsolete?

By adjusting the spare inventory to effectively match the production assets - TracRat ensures the customer of adequate, timely backup. And by defining the excess spare inventory, TracRat exposes valuable corporate money tied up in virtual useless assets. You then can then begin divesting this excess inventory to recoup money better spent on valuable productive assets. In one instance, information from TracRat® lead to the recovery of more than $10,000,000 in excess inventory for a major steel manufacturer.