No Re-Programming Needed
TracRat® is designed to be totally dynamic. The information included with each piece of equipment is completely up to you. So whenever you want to add data to a particular item, you can. You can also adjust and change almost everything in the system to fit the exact requirements of your company. Whether you want data on motors, pumps, generators, gearboxes, trucks, or virtually anything else, TracRat can do it.

Data storage
With TracRat®, you'll be able to store unlimited logistic support data more efficiently than you ever imagined. You can store vital information about any item, including documents, images, or anything else you feel necessary. Having this data at your fingertips means you can increase the efficiency of maintenance schedules, prevent breakdowns before they occur, and make necessary repairs more quickly.

TracRat® has built-in reports that will assist you in scheduling preventative/predictive maintenance, determining optimum stock levels, and tracking causes of failure and repair costs. Need a custom report for your company? TracRat data can be easily reported into Microsoft Excel to fit your needs.

Supplier communications
TracRat® has a section that your suppliers link into so you can get updates on items being repaired. As an added benefit, all the information on that repair can be stored for future access, including "cause of failure". Eliminating "failure causes" eliminates failures.

Maintaining an on-line dialog with your supplier's means they have access to information that lets them react faster and minimize downtime.

You run the show in contact storage and definable security levels that can limit who sees what information. TracRat® also extends these roles so that specific people have specific TracRat tool usage.