TracRat Live

TracRat® is not only incredibly powerful, it is incredibly easy to use. Take a moment to explore our video demonstrations and see for yourself.

  • adaptability

    An industrial facility takes many different types of commodities to stay in operation. They include electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, breakers and many others. TracRat allows you to keep track of all of your repairable assets in one central web-based system. TracRat doesn’t stop there with adaptability. You can adjust what information is kept about an item without ever re-programming.

  • Ease of Use

    TracRat has been designed so that people with little computer experience can find the information they need fast. With the “Quick-Tag” search, a person that has a tag number can enter it, press go, and be brought directly to that item. Once at the item, they can access all of the information regarding that item and it’s history. This makes it easy for people who are computer experienced and people with little computer experience.

  • repair management

    Repair vendors historically send repair reports after an item is repaired. These reports are often never looked at again. With TracRat, the repair reports are loaded by your repair vendor into TracRat. So the next time the item is repaired, the vendor knows exactly what tests were performed and what the results were. This helps identify problem areas within your plant or with an individual item. The result is prevention of reoccurring failures.

  • reporting

    TracRat’s reports give detailed summaries of the information TracRat gathers. From tracking mean-time-between-service, cause of failures, failures by location, warranty status, in service vs. spares, and spares without an in-service match, TracRat has information readily available that can assist in making the decisions needed to keep your plant running.

  • spares

    Knowing that you have appropriate spares for all of your critical items is a necessity. TracRat ensures that you have adequate backups, and at the same time allows you to reduce excess inventory. With the “Find Replacement” button TracRat allows someone who isn’t an expert to identify the appropriate spares and take actions to put those items into operation.