Electric Motor Maintenance

Ask anyone in charge of electric motor maintenance and they will tell you that their job can be thankless. For starters, they have the responsibility of making sure that the vast number of electric motor assets in their industrial plant remains up and running.  Unplanned electric motor repair can quickly equate to downtime.  That means lost revenue and simply cannot be tolerated.

Along with becoming highly efficient in all manners of electric motor asset management, maintenance personnel also must stay within budget. It’s a tough one-two punch, but is extremely vital to MRO asset management.

TracRat® understands that unyielding budget parameters are the way of life. So we have developed a highly advanced electric motor maintenance program to assist maintenance departments stay within even the most rigid budgets; realize actual maintenance repair savings; keep connected to their vendors; and make sure replacement motors are easily found and readily available.

Electric motor maintenance is more than just "running to failure," or trying to remember when your crew greased the bearings in your production motors. It means a comprehensive electric motor maintenance mind set.

Knowing the entire history of an electric motor can assist you and your vendors in making decisions that will result in reduced failures and downtime.

TracRat is the technology tool that more and more leading manufacturers are choosing to track electric motor performance and failures.  Repeated motor failures, downtime and a climbing repair expense graph can be stopped. TracRat has been proven as an enormously efficient, effective technology tool in electric motor maintenance, and in overall MRO cost reduction.

TracRat is depended on for superior electric motor maintenance by a group of industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, steel, food, automotive and energy.

Let TracRat help your company realize the cost savings associated with our industry-leading electric motor maintenance and management.