Equipment Management Software

To control costs and properly manage production equipment in any industrial plant, the plant must track and trend all historical repair and failure information on that equipment.  TracRat® is the tracking and analytical equipment management software tool designed specifically to find the problems, track the trends and analyze the solutions. 

As an information technology tool designed for everyday assistance to maintenance, planning and purchasing, TracRat fills the bill as the user-friendly electronic equipment software engineered to help you make effective decisions.

Rather than just being a one-dimensional equipment software tool, TracRat can expand its tracking and trending capabilities to effectively watch over any warranty repairable asset in your plant.  There is virtually no need to return to the programmers for adaptability. TracRat's developers made it simple for any user to change the category of asset requiring your daily attention.  Motors, pumps, cranes, switchgear, drives and gearboxes can all be handled by the same equipment software.

Regardless of the production commodity, if it needs periodic repair, you need fine-tuned equipment software to track and report the necessary moves for plant production.  And you need it every day.  Because TracRat is a constant watchdog of cash and costs, with TracRat, you’ll have the most effective tool in the equipment software toolbox. 

TracRat also makes it easy for suppliers to take advantage of its advanced equipment software.  It has been designed for suppliers to be able to link into the TracRat system.  This can result in huge savings to you.  Think of all the time that will be saved by providing suppliers with all the information they need precisely when they need it.

The TracRat software is designed so that repair history is readily available for the supplier to help find the cause of an item's failure. The supplier can then go into the TracRat system and add in all that repair information. It will then be with that item from "cradle-to-grave." Now every time that item is repaired that information is only a click away.

No other equipment software gives you the tracking power of TracRat equipment software.