Motor Management Software

There is no disputing the fact that motor management software is simply the best, most efficient way to manage production-critical motors and match that population with the appropriate back-up motor inventory. 

Unless you have clearly defined populations of both of these - you can only hope to "run to failure" and then guess if you have the appropriate spare immediately available.  With TracRat’s proprietary motor management software, you will not only be tracking your motor assets, but also getting vital trending data with all the relevant characteristics about those assets.

TracRat's Motor Management Software can improve your bottom line.

TracRat’s motor management software can instantly provide you with repair history, location history, failure analysis and average time between service needs of the entire motor population. 

The TracRat Repairable Asset Management system was created and developed by On-Line Equipment Management, LLC. (OL-EM). OL-EM found that most of the Motor Management Software available at the time was authored by "software sellers."  When you consider that TracRat is the result of our staff’s 30 years of electric motor repair and distribution experience, the TracRat advantage is obvious. 

No matter what your industry, TracRat motor management software speaks your language and answers the question, "How do I get my arms around my motor maintenance costs and eliminate downtime?"

The beauty of TracRat is that there is no need to adapt the repairable asset to the software, TracRat adapts to the asset. In its current form, TracRat can be customized to search for anything by simply reconfiguring the search screen. We can train customer-approved personnel to make such category changes from any computer site.

Perhaps the most important benefit of TracRat's motor management software is that it constantly helps you guard against the unexpected.  With TracRat, you’ll no longer face the expensive roller coaster ride your typical motor inventory can take you on every day.  You’ll have the tracking power you need to maximize asset performance and minimize downtime.