Warranty Cost Recovery

One of the most significant costs for an industrial plant is the repair of production equipment.  This is particularly true of electric motor repair. 

The good news:  Every electric motor, whether purchased new or recently repaired, more than likely has some kind of warranty.  If the motor ceases to function properly, an asset warranty can help defray the costs of repair.  When you consider the expense of repairing even a single electric motor, it is quickly evident how important a warranty can be to electric motor repair.

The not-so-good-news:  Of all the motors in your plant, it can be enormously difficult, maybe even impossible, to determine which motors are currently under warranty, and even then, exactly what that electric motor warranty may cover.  Because of all the uncertainty, it is often even harder to hold the responsible vendor accountable for repairing the motor.

That’s why warranty cost recovery is one of the largest leaks in a maintenance budget. If you have no practical method to keep track of electric motor warranty recovery, you are not unusual.

TracRat® is designed to track all your electric motor assets and optimize warranty cost recovery.  With TracRat, you can be assured of having the tracking power necessary to save your company money with highly efficient warranty cost recovery. 

As you well know, operational failure is inevitable.  Burning unnecessary maintenance cash is not!  Whether moving a motor or other repairable asset, throughout the operational chain TracRat will help you monitor your maintenance money by informing you of early failures.  This type of electric motor asset management is vital to keeping your plant running efficiently.

TracRat not only keeps track of failures, but also can keep up with ineffective motor applications or even ineffective motor repair vendors.  Stop the daily burn of your company's operational cash and count on the TracRat warranty cost recovery system to keep you on top of motor problems.